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96 K clan s of Royal Maratha's

There are 96 K clan s of Royal Maratha's  and each of them are anicient .
  True Maratha Scattered due to their native place,heroic deed,Migration and some acts.
example of Maratha Scattering as
Parmar - Panwar - Powar - Puar -Dalvi - Nimbalkar - Naik Nimbalkar - Khardekar etc.
 in above relation all clans are descendant of Hindu king related to Parmara .now rajput helds name Panwar at chhattarpur ,Pawar/Puar  Marathas at Dhar ,Dewas , while Dalvi are their branches welknown Deshmukh of Lakhimpur ,in case of  Nimbalkar  they accquire their name due to Village Nimbalak,tal- Phaltan,Dist-satara,Maharashtra and among them Ruler Nimbalkar known as Naik Nimbalkar of Phaltan ,whose one of the Branch  ruled Kharda place ,welknown as Khardekar Clan.
 Bhosale- Sisode - Ghorpade -Kharade-Bhoite-Dekhale- Divekar-Kanase etc.
Above Bhosale clan who migrated from western maharashtra to Khandesh known as Dekhale , Village Kharadi causes Kharade , Bhosale when assisted king shivaji by lightening torch known as Diva in Marathi causes Divekar etc.
Yadav - Jadhav - Jadhavrao
here , yadav traces their origine from Rajput clan who supposed to be Lord Krishna's Descendant and further they converted into Jadhav due to language  and Some Jadhav who served Sultanets refered as Rao  title called as Jadhavrao .
also More from Jawali ruler ,received Rao TITLE AS He recognised as Chandrarao, While Nimbalkar ,who receives surdeshmukhi of 84 villages receives title of Naik equivalent to King,  Sawant can be supposed to be samants / knights under shilahara dynasty.
In above mannner Maratha Clan Scattered from original 96k clans.
About five families in Maratha,i.e. pure Maratha among 96 ,there are five groups of clans which closely resembles each other by means of Totem { Devak }, Traditions ,Old Royal Links etc. These Five clans highly disputed.there is no certain five clans which can be considered as high.
  Each and every clan among Royal 96k has its own charachteristics.Acording Royalty,Bravery ,Kshatriya Arya Origine , Rishi's Created 96 kULI  Maratha list.
  This list is not available partiucularly but some clans in Maratha Dominated Maharashtra political Scene is welknown.
 Yadav ,Shilahar,Hoysal,Rajputs,Regional Rulers Constitutes Maratha Cast which is referred as Pure High Marathas.
Some cultivators in Maharashtra,are also descendants of Royal dynasties they married with Royal Marathas and Constitute Kunabi Maratha Cast.
  REMEMBER WELL, that Kunabi means farmer from all castes but Maratha Royal 96 k CLANS
USED TO MARRY WITH  Royal Revenue collectors from their cast only.
 In Maratha, the Kadu Maratha word denotes the Maratha  from low background i.e. One who married and keeps relationships With low caste and even other than Maratha Cast.
Maratha word taken as comprehensive manner as Maharashtriyan which Conclude Maratha,Brahman and other residents of Maharashtra.
But   Maratha  is the main term for Specific Community who belongs Kshatriya Arya Origine and descendants of Royal Dynasties.Maratha Ocurring prominantly in Maharashtra and states boardering to it.
Sath Ghare / Seven Clans Among Maratha is term come into existance only when Bhosale Sardar,the general of maratha confederecy , selects 7 clans among 96 for marriage.
It is due to Several Royal 96 K Clans like Kharade, Bhoite,Ghorpade,Kate and others don't marry with Bhosale due to same Devak Worship and traditiona similarity.
 These Seven Clans : Phalke ,Shirke, Mohite ,Jadhav  and some others.
About Panchkuli :
 Panchkuli doesnot exist but its existance is due to Maratha Consideration of Supremeness and comparison in between them.
it is highly controversial as  One contains Yadav,Jadhav because they ruled Maharashtra ,but they lack Parmara, Kadamba,Nikumbha,Nala,Sind,Vasusen,Shilahar,Rashtrkuta  etc. kings Descendants like Pawar,Kadam,Nikam,Nalawade,Shinde,Jagtap,Shelar,Rothe/ Rathod.
About another configuration they contains Rajput considered Marathas like Sisode / sisodiya,Bhosale/ Gehlot,Rathod -Ghatge ,Solanki - Salunkhe, Bhati - Bhoite ,Rana - Rane,Chouhan - Chavan ,Tomar - Taware etc. clans.
About another list : which includes Vanshas of Bramha,Surya,Hari etc.  such clans like  Gaikwad , Ingale,Dabhade,Dhamdhere ,others.
another list says that clans like Gujars,JAT ,Angre ,Ahir rao ,Kshirsagar,dhampal,shankhapal etc. clans are Panchkuli's.
 While Maratha's Revenue collecting Powers like Shitole,Pisal,Kakade,Shirke,Sawant,Hande,Nimbalkar,Jedhe,Mohite's   etc. termed as Panchkuli  Marathas.
Other Maratha clans like Mahadik , More ,Chalukya who supposed to be emperors are also consider himself Panchkuli. etc.
etc. iisues  are rising here but  about 96 k they are limited.
True fact about Maratha there is no gradation in between them but according historic records
 each maratha  clan considered himself great.
All  the 96 k clans Marathas are equivalents  as they have blue blood / Royal Kshatriya Blood.
Due to population increase Maratha clans are now creating debacles who is 96k or not / who is panchkuli or not .etc
Maratha's Royalty only based only on Royal 96 K clan Configuration and not  on Panch kuli or saptakuli .
Origine of Maratha is also controversial one of the Marathi Myth indicates Maratha created by god from his arms.Some theory puts that they are descendants of Native Royalties ,Some says they the mixture of Indian Ruling Castes and Landlord classess.
Now many men many minds many theories many myths many considerations.
 Truth is Only Maratha cast is Legendary Kshatriya of INDIA.
Maratha Peoples history is fullfilled with various glories as each of the clan originally in 17th century Background from Sardar,Jagirdar,Deshmukh,Patil etc. houses who are the descendants of Heroes of Hinduism in Myths of Hindu Culture.
Maratha prominance is Ruled in every period on Maharashtra but  combined Maratha prominance only exists under King Shivaji Bhosale,one of the Royal 96 K Maratha.Who leaded  Maratha community which was busy in combating with each other for Sultanets.
Sultanets Cause's Death of Jijamata's { shivaJI'S Mother }  brothers and disputes between Jadhav and Bhosale ,resulting into bleeding of both  then jijamata taught shivaji to become king and unite community members with the help of commoners to prevent Hinduism and Swarajya.
 Then Maratha rides ,FAUGHTS AND CONQUER   Almost India  next  history increases influence  of Peshwa and Maratha 96 K clans  other than Bhosale ,Jadhav

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